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Preço do Container de 20'

Container 20'DV
R$ 600,00

Preço do Container de 20'

Container 40'DV
R$ 600,00

We deliver for the world.

Expertise em logística Integrada

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Exceeding our customers' expectations, offering reliable services on shipping and transportation in such a way that international logistics might become a competitive tool for our clients.


Full commitment to Innovation, Relationships, Ethics, Transparency, Valuing our collaborators, Social and Enviromental responsability.


Becoming a reliable global player, contribuiting with our extense know-how and network to the accessibility of globally produced goods.

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About The C Freight

Cargo Freight Logistics is a Brazilian company that aims to provide the most efficient international shipping services for their clients, coordinating integrated transport processes proactively

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(Português do Brasil) MATRIZ
Praça da Republica, 87, sala 44
Santos - SP - Brasil

  • +55 13 +55 13 3385-4489
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